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About Red Glasses

LRRed Glasses is the English version of the blog “Lunettes Rouges,” hosted on French daily Le Monde’s platform, as well as here. Find the Spanish version here.

Red Glasses

About the author:

I wear red glasses and I love to see exhibitions, to discover artists and to share. As much as I can, I visit museums and galleries in Paris, Lisbon, and wherever my travels take me. “Red Glasses” is a pseudonym, albeit a transparent one. I am an amateur, I am not a professional critic and I am not THE art critic for Le Monde. I am not an artist or a gallery owner either, I am simply a collector of eclectic discoveries, interests and art-related crushes. My opinions are subjective, and I welcome any invitation to share other outlooks and insights.

FYI: my photo thumbnail features a painting by Art Keller. The photo was shot by Sophie Lenot, my daughter.

Typically, the photographs and videos published on this website are free of rights. If you own the rights to any image, please let me know and I will comply with your requirements as soon as I receive your message (in the same way I respect the ADAGP’s guidelines).

This is a non-profit website. The very slim earnings from advertisement I get each month for the original host,, go entirely towards the purchase of a few exhibition catalogs (although I buy a much larger amount of catalogs each month, quite systematically after an exhibit).

About the translator:

Lucas Faugère loves art—and much more.

He writes poems and takes photographs.

He translates and teaches.

He reflects and wonders.

He wanders and pursues.

He is far from over.